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Hello Guys,

I have some longer-term plans to setup a Forge site (like 
SoureForge). That will most probably take much longer than 
most of you are willing to wait, so we can go ahead with
a contributions folder in the meantime.

We already have a unused contrib folder under download. We can use that.

For the moment, you can email (or make available for download) 
a tarball AND a description README to me.

I know it would have been much nicer if you guys could manage your
own uploads, but that will have to wait.

Best regards
Fredrik Norrman

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> Subject: RE: developer kit with more security (was Re: 
> SSH/SSL/TLS SFTP HTTPS suite needed for on Devboard_82)
> You took the wind out of my sails! - I was in the process of writing a
> similar follow-up.  As I make my way through learning this 
> platform and
> put together the key pieces of a secure console, file 
> transfer, and web
> server suite, I intend to post all of it somewhere so others 
> don't have
> to go through the same process.  A contributor's folder on 
> the Axis site
> would be a good thing.  I have a lot to learn first.
> Erich
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> Subject: developer kit with more security (was Re: SSH/SSL/TLS SFTP
> HTTPS suite needed for on Devboard_82)
> Friedrich Lobenstock wrote on 07.01.2004 18:37 MET:
> > Erich W. Gunther wrote on 07.01.2004 17:25 MET:
> > 
> >> In the future, it would be really nice if the AXIS development kit
> came
> >> with such a secure set of communications interfaces instead of the
> >> traditional examples.
> > 
> > 
> > I can only agree.
> > 
> But I have to add that not only Axis should do something about it.
> Everybody can help out. It might also be true that different people
> on this list have already done some work in this field and we just
> need to put all the missing peaces together.
> So don't keep your work behind closed doors, make it available to
> others. That's what open source development is all about, isn't it?
> Maybe Axis can help in setting up a contributions folder on their
> download site? Just a thought.
> -- 
> MfG / Regards
> Friedrich Lobenstock