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Re: Contributions

Fredrik Norrman wrote on 09.01.2004 15:03 MET:
> The first contribution has been received and published today.
> OpenSSL from Olivier Billard
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>>Sent: den 8 januari 2004 13:41
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>>Subject: Contributions
>>Hello Guys,
>>I have some longer-term plans to setup a Forge site (like 
>>SoureForge). That will most probably take much longer than 
>>most of you are willing to wait, so we can go ahead with
>>a contributions folder in the meantime.
>>We already have a unused contrib folder under download. We 
>>can use that.
>>For the moment, you can email (or make available for download) 
>>a tarball AND a description README to me.
>>I know it would have been much nicer if you guys could manage your
>>own uploads, but that will have to wait.
>>Best regards
>>Fredrik Norrman

Can you please put the contribution rules on the page at

so everybody knows that right away when looking there.

MfG / Regards
Friedrich Lobenstock