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Re: Serial Latency Issues, Baud Rate Affects Buffering

On Friday 09 January 2004 11:57, Berland, Mathieu wrote:
> You could send a continuous flow of bytes from the PC : 7 data bytes
> followed by 593 padding bytes. Then you synchronize your application on
> reading 600 bytes and not on the clock. The buffer will be more stressed
> and maybe you will have less problem ?

This would work at 115200, but at 4800 baud, we do not have the spare 

The funny thing about the problem, when we run at 115200, the ETRAX does not 
buffer the data and we read 7 bytes.  When we run at 4800, the ETRAX buffers 
the data and we end up reading 256 bytes (or so).

Thanks for the suggestion,


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