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Re: Serial Latency Issues, Baud Rate Affects Buffering

On Friday 09 January 2004 14:53, you wrote:
> Note the "to see if we should force DMA to flush" in the help text,
> which make it consistent with the code - "we should" is only true
> if no data has been received since the last check.


> You could modify force_eop_if_needed() I guess, but I wouldn't recommend
> it.

I had already tested adding FLUSH_EOP() to force_eop_if_needed() prior to 
receiveing this message.  It definately improved the latency :-)

Is the only drawback performance?  Or am I going to have "other" problems?

> Not any more, it's implemented in the 2.4.22 kernel along with other
> improvements.

I'll give 2.4.22 a shot.

Is the 2.4.22 on your website different from the official sources from 

Thanks for your help,


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