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Re: ifconfig resets the Etrax MCM CPU


Arne Bockholdt wrote on 13.01.2004 16:05 MET:
> I'm currently porting our software for our MCM design to the new compiler
> toolkit/SDK (1.55/1.91) and I've run into a weird problem : 
> In the initscript "net" the program "ifconfig" is called to set the MAC
> address but everytime it's called the MCM CPU resets my system. The net
> script is part of the SDK, here the code and console output : 
> ....
> BEFORE ifconfig
> <snip>
> The next line is "Uncompressing Linux" = RESET 
> I really have no idea what went wrong, with the old compiler/SDK
> everything was working without problems.

Have you tried to upgrading busybox? Get it from

MfG / Regards
Friedrich Lobenstock