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Re: ifconfig resets the Etrax MCM CPU

Arne Bockholdt wrote on 14.01.2004 16:27 MET:
>>The funniest thing is, if I remove the call to ifconfig hw the network
>>works without problems (but with the default MAC of course).  I can call
>>it later at the prompt without the crash. FTP, Telnet or http, everything
> Update: I compiled my modified kernel with the kernelconfig file that was
> included with the SDK (changed the busconfig and timings of course...) ,
> now it works with the ifconfig hw ether eth0 command...

Thought you did that from the beginning.

>>2. I've got an error at the end of the startup, something like /bin/sh/
>>Can't access tty, job control disabled. Any ideas ?
> This problem remains....even with the original .config file....

Get "patch-04-getty-inittab" from

This will start getty and you will get a login prompt
and after a login this problem does not exist anymore.
Maybe you have to update to the latest busybox from that
server too, as I have not tested is with the default login
that is used by getty.

A demo:

Axis Developer Board 82 release 1.91
Linux 2.4.22 on a cris (ttyS0)

AxisProduct login: root
Jan 14 15:46:34 AxisProduct login[238]: root login  on `ttyS0'
[root@AxisProduct /]238# (while true; do cat /proc/meminfo > /dev/null; sleep 10; done) &
[root@AxisProduct /]238# jobs
[1] + Running                    (while true; do cat /proc/meminfo 1>/dev/null; sleep 10; done)
[root@AxisProduct /]238# kill 251
[1] + Terminated                 (while true; do cat /proc/meminfo 1>/dev/null; sleep 10; done)

MfG / Regards
Friedrich Lobenstock