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PPPOE client on 2100 camera

As a requirement of an important client we need to install a PPPoE client into a
2100 camera. We have downloaded some clients and we have compiled one
We have uploaded into the camera, but when we need to start the deamon when the
camera is switched on and it does not work. Apparently it is a version problem
on PPP installed into the camera.

we have compiled PPPeo 0.3 and we installed into the 2100 camera. It appears to
run, but we have some problems:

* The PPPoe 0.3 requires PPP 2.3.4 and the camera has PPP 1.1.9. so, we need to
upgrade this version. How can we upgrade it?
* This new PPP 2.3.4 needs 300KB plus some C++ libraries
* The PPPoe 0.3 needs 80KB

Do you have some firmware version that includes a PPP 2.3.4 client?

Or, how can we replace the PPP1.1.9 that comes with the camera with the new

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