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Re: ifconfig resets the Etrax MCM CPU

>> Update: I compiled my modified kernel with the kernelconfig file that
>> included with the SDK (changed the busconfig and timings of course...) ,
>> now it works with the ifconfig hw ether eth0 command...
>Thought you did that from the beginning.

No, I used my config from my 2.4.19 kernel, I changed a lot of things and
I had never a problem doing this with my desktop systems. I checked the
settings of course but it seems that the new kernel needs some additional
drivers for things like ifconfig.....
>Get "patch-04-getty-inittab" from
>   ftp://ftp.fl.priv.at/pub/axis/devboard_82/patches/R1_91/

I will give it a try, thank you very much !!!!

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