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Re: devboard_83 with R1_91 + patches01-05

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From: "Johan Neven" <johan.neven@xxxxxxx.be>
To: "Etrax Dev" <dev-etrax@xxxxxxx.com>
Sent: Thursday, January 15, 2004 2:23 PM
Subject: devboard_83 with R1_91 + patches01-05

> Hello,
> After building the software with kernel 2.4.22 and the patches 01-05 the
> diagnostic port ttyS0 was frozen for input and I could't set IP-address
> via arp/ping.
> Reason:
> 1. ttyS0: in the patch for getty and inittab the system is required to
> start getty but this is not present. After changing to agetty this seems
> to work.
> 2. ipsetd: is started with -l 408. When this argument is removed from
> /etc/conf.d/ipsetd it seems to work.

The -l 408 is there to only allow ping packets of length 408 to set the
IP address. That is needed if a device has more than one network 
interface and is needed in some DHCP environments (IIRC) to prevent
setting a new address when you really don't want to.

Use ping -s 408 on Linux and ping -l 408 on Windows.

(For those who wonders: The length 408 is choosen to be easaly 
remembered since the MAC address starts with 00408C)

> Kind regards.
> Johan Neven.
> -- 
> Johan Neven <johan.neven@xxxxxxx.be>