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MAC address Filtering with Developer board and 2.4.14 Kernel ???


When I started using axis board it was just the Developer Board LX board and software. and then recently the bluetooth edition of the software and the hardware became available.

Now I do not know what the 82, 83 and the IDE are for.

But my main question is as follows....

Axis Developer board LX and cris compiler need 2.4.14 version of the linux kernel. I have to do MAC filtering on the local intranet for these devices, so I found that


does MAC filtering. -----------   Good till now.

Problem : The problem is ebtables works only with linux kernel 2.4.22/23 and version 2.6.x not with the kernel version 2.4.14 that I want.

So --

Question 1: Is there any other module like ebtables which does MAC filtering and works with 2.4.14 kernel.

Question 2: The MAC filter module should be capable of filtering the packets at run time.
That means that the filter should be able to ACCEPT all packets from MAC address A for some time and upon users request at run time, it should be able to take a new MAC address B and ACCEPT only from B and DROP/ACCEPT packets from A.

Question 3: Or the Axis IDE since it is using 2.4.20 will it be campatible with ebtables.

Please let me know.