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Re: MAC address Filtering with Developer board and 2.4.14 Kernel???

Gopal Chandavarapu wrote on 15.01.2004 18:56 MET:
> Axis Developer board LX and cris compiler need 2.4.14 version of the 
> linux kernel. I have to do MAC filtering on the local intranet for these 
> devices, so I found that
> http://ebtables.sourceforge.net/documentation.html#whatdo
> does MAC filtering. -----------   Good till now.
> Problem : The problem is ebtables works only with linux kernel 2.4.22/23 
> and version 2.6.x not with the kernel version 2.4.14 that I want.
> So --
> Question 1: Is there any other module like ebtables which does MAC 
> filtering and works with 2.4.14 kernel.

I think you might give the devboard 82 or the device server 83 a try.
The ebtables patch applies to the 2.4.22 kernel of those. I applied it
once but because planes changed I did not need it anymore therefore
I can not add more to the fact that it applies to the kernel and it does
not break the kernel.

> Question 2: The MAC filter module should be capable of filtering the 
> packets at run time.
> That means that the filter should be able to ACCEPT all packets from MAC 
> address A for some time and upon users request at run time, it should be 
> able to take a new MAC address B and ACCEPT only from B and DROP/ACCEPT 
> packets from A.

This really belongs onto the ebtables mailingliste. But I AFAIK this
should be possible you'd just need to run the correct commands from
the script that make up the interface to the user.

AFAIK the SDK R1_91 for the devboard 82 should work with the LX board,
but only if you have the ETRAX 100LX cpu on it and if you make the correct
changes to the kernelconfiguration (might try to compare your old config
and the default one in SDK R1_91 to find the correct settings).

MfG / Regards
Friedrich Lobenstock