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Fw: PPPOE client on 2100 camera

> Hi,
> As a requirement of an important client we need to install a PPPoE client
into a
> 2100 camera. We have downloaded some clients and we have compiled one
> successfully.
> We have uploaded into the camera, but when we need to start the deamon
when the
> camera is switched on and it does not work. Apparently it is a version
> on PPP installed into the camera.
> we have compiled PPPeo 0.3 and we installed into the 2100 camera. It
appears to
> run, but we have some problems:
> * The PPPoe 0.3 requires PPP 2.3.4 and the camera has PPP 1.1.9. so, we
need to
> upgrade this version. How can we upgrade it?
> * This new PPP 2.3.4 needs 300KB plus some C++ libraries
> * The PPPoe 0.3 needs 80KB
> Do you have some firmware version that includes a PPP 2.3.4 client?
> Or, how can we replace the PPP1.1.9 that comes with the camera with the
> PPP2.3.4.
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