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LX - 82 - IDE - Compiler version - kernel version and Ebtables -RE: [Fwd: Re: [conspire] MAC address filtering with 2.4.14 ????] -- Dev BoardLX


My objective is to use Ebtables (http://ebtables.sf.net)-- which is only compatible with Kernel version 2.4.22 / 2.4.23.  And I have Developer board ETRAX 100 LX.

So Mikael.

I have a Developer board LX   ------ can use the Developer boad 82 software or Developer board IDE software.

If the above statement is true can you kindly let me know which

Developer board software --
Cris compiler
Kernel version

will go together.


I have run both 2.4.23 and 2.4.24 on a devboard 82 (which means that devboard_lx
should also work as expected). In the 2.4.25-pre series there is a patch which puts
CRIS up to date with 2.4.23. One potential problem with 2.4.23 and 2.4.24 is that
the Out Of Memory handling has been rewritten. In 2.4.25-pre there is a configuration
option that enables the old style OOM handler again.
Starting next week I will have more time to do some kernel work again (mostly
2.6.x related of course). If there is a growing community of people who wants
to contribute to CRIS kernel development I will certainly set up a BK tree
(there already is one but it is not used).
/Mikael (CRIS architecture maintainer)
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Subject: [Fwd: Re: [conspire] MAC address filtering with 2.4.14 ????] -- Dev Board LX

Has anyone used 2.4.23 or 2.4.24 versions in place of  2.4.14 with Dev board LX.


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Subject: Re: [conspire] MAC address filtering with 2.4.14 ????
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Quoting Gopal Chandavarapu (Gopal.Chandavarapu@xxxxxxx.com):

> A specific hardware and its cross compiler need 2.4.14 version of the 
> linux kernel. I have to do MAC filtering on the local intranet for these 
> devices, so with some help I came to know that
> http://ebtables.sourceforge.net/documentation.html#whatdo
> does MAC filtering. -----------   Good till now.
> Problem : The problem is ebtables works only with linux kernel 2.4.22/23 
> and version 2.6.x not with the kernel version 2.4.14 that I want.
> So --
> Question 1: Is there any other module like ebtables which does MAC 
> filtering and works with 2.4.14 kernel.

My apologies for not having more time to spend dealing with this matter,
but it occurs to me that a 2.4.14 kernel almost certainly suffers from
at least two severe security defects, i.e., those announced over the
last few months that lead to the release of 2.4.23 and 2.4.24.  Unless
you have specific knowledge of security fixes having been backported to
your 2.4.14 kernel, I would strongly advise upgrading.  

It may be that, then, you would also be able to use ebtables.  ;->

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Rick Moen                 monkeyboys -- Linux IS the mainstream UNIX now!
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