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Re: jffs2 root partition

Hi Marcus,

Have you succeeded doing this in the meantime?

On Thursday 18 December 2003 15:48, Marcus Andersson wrote:
> is it possible to mount the jffs2 partition as the root partition,
> skipping the cramfs partition completely?
> We want to be able to upgrade all installed software with a package
> manager without having to reflash.

That's on my mind as well.
However, I'm thinking about using two partitions:
-readonly mounted jffs2 root partition
-read/write mounted jffs2 partion for data

For updates, one could temporarily mount the root partion rw.
During normal operation, the important stuff will remain 'safe'.

The only reason that I'd like to use a jffs2 for the (normally ro) root 
partition is that the garbage collection might be smart enough to rotate 
through both partitions, thus increasing flash life significantly.

However, if it isn't that smart, and both partitions will have their own GC, 
and both require their own 5 free sectors for GC, it does not make sense to 
use jffs2 for the root partition.
In that case I'd probably want to go for a very small (non-journaling) fs 
(like minix?) as rootfs, since it will only be updated every now and then, in 
a controlled environment. For the rest of the time, it will be mounted 
Then use the rest of the flash for a jffs2 partition, for data and config.