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Re: RE: clock drift?

are there more informatin on clock drift and how to prevent it ?
The board here is exspected to run sometime without resync. Any
information would be helpfull.


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From: Mikael Starvik <mikael.starvik@xxxxxxx.com>
Subject: RE: clock drift?
Date: 01/23/04 14:35


There are a couple of issues with older kernels that causes clock drift:

1. Under high interrupt load some timer ticks could be lost. In some
rare cases this even caused the watchdog to bite. This was fixed
just after 2.4.14. Check in include/asm/irq.h if there is a 
BUILD_TIMER_IRQ macro. If not you have this problem.
2. The normal timers in ETRAX runs 64ppm too fast. This has been
fixed after 2.4.16.


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Subject: clock drift?

I'm woundering if anyone but me has experienced substantial system 
clock drift with devboard_lx? I've had reports of the system time being 
several hours off after just a couple of days uptime. Some drift I 
expect since I'm not using NTP but several hours? Anyone has an idea?


P.S. Kernel 2.4.14 used.