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Re: Mhonarc


Dave Matlock wrote on 27.01.2004 00:35 MET:
> I would like to bring this issue to the table again.  My amount of spam has been continually increasing since I began posting messages to the dev-axis listserv.  I would really appreciate a solution to this problem.

I can only suggest to use mailman which does remove emails from
the webarchive and has other really good features, eg. being able to
segment the archive to not only show the whole archive on one huge page.

During the x-mas/new-year holdidays when the mailinglist at Axis did
not work I did set up
as an opportunity to be able to migrate the mailinglist first there
(dev-extrax@xxxxxxx.com possibly redirected there) and after mailman
installed at Axis, moved back. But nobody at Axis seems showed
any interest in that - possibly so taken up by other work....or who

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> From: Fredrik Norrman [mailto:fredrik.norrman@xxxxxxx.com]
> Sent: Friday, December 05, 2003 5:58 AM
> To: dev-etrax
> Subject: RE: Mhonarc
> Dear all,
> I will check with our IT group and see what we can do about the 
> email archive. You are absolutely right that it's not good to 
> have the real addresses published like this. (I myself received
> more that 15 thousand spams last month)
> A solution will probably have to be implemented in several steps.
> Please continue the discussion. We will listen to your suggestions.
> Best regards
> Fredrik Norrman

PS: Top posting sucks - suggested readings:

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   "Quoting: Bottom Posting"  (good examples here!)

   "Top-posting vs. bottom-posting - or - Microsoft Outlook vs. The Right

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MfG / Regards
Friedrich Lobenstock