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Re: Mhonarc


Matthew Hook wrote on 27.01.2004 01:59 MET:
> Have you considered switching over to something like Phorum?
> ...
> You could set it up to provide access only via the web, or only allow 
> posting new messages via
> the web.  I think it can be configured or customised to prevent the 
> email address showing,
> or if you want it available then only show it to authenticated users.

I for myself have to say that I totaly dislike such web forums.
Emails are so much easier to handle than any as easy as it get webforum.

PS: Top posting sucks - suggested readings:

   "[cobalt-users] Re: Top posting, why evil?"

   "Quoting: Bottom Posting"  (good examples here!)

   "Top-posting vs. bottom-posting - or - Microsoft Outlook vs. The Right

   "To use Internet-style quoting in Microsoft Outlook, Exchange or
   Windows Messaging"

MfG / Regards
Friedrich Lobenstock