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Re: Mhonarc


Well I think we can all agree that the all posts since day dot view of the 
archive and the display of email messages needs to be better organised!

>I for myself have to say that I totaly dislike such web forums.
>Emails are so much easier to handle than any as easy as it get webforum.

Several of the web based forums support integration with mailing lists.  
e.g. FUDForum & Phorum.
I'd like to be able to post mail to the mailling list without having to set 
a seperate email account and this way I can ensure that it's not all coming 
as HTML to the list which is something that tends to happen with my work 
because most of the archaic mailing lists don't understand MIME!

For some it's convenient to use email to post to the list, but for me I find 
that it's not
a good idea for several reasons (including giving away my email address) so 
I have to
resort to using a hotmail account.


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