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Re: Etrax BGA reflow profile


There is nothing special with the reflow profile for ETRAX 100LX. 
However, it can generally be difficult to find the correct reflow
profile since the soldering temperature on one component could be
affected by surrounding components etc.

In our products we have had bad soldering on prototypes a few times, 
but never when the production of a board is up and running.

Non optimized reflow profile (too low or too high temperature)
is the most likely cause if you get soldering problems, but another
cause could be extended exposure to moisture before soldering.

The following should be applied to avoid problems caused by moisture:

Customers need to bake the products if it's dry packing has been
opened more than 48 hours. Customers can bake the products with tray 
packing, up to 10 trays + 1 cover tray. Customers should remove vinyl
band when more than 1 tray are used for baking.

Baking Conditions

Temperature  :  125`C
Duration :  24 hours

Best regards

Per Zander
Axis Communications AB          

On Mon, 26 Jan 2004, Pieter Grimmerink wrote:

> Is there anything special about the etrax's reflow profile, 
> or is it just like any other PBGA package?
> We have had quite a few Etrax100LX chips that did not work on 
> our prototypes, so I think we might be doing something wrong.
> We don't hope to get the same rate of failure in
> production :-(
> Best regards,
> Pieter Grimmerink