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Re: USB device not accepting new address

Berland, Mathieu wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a problem with my devboard LX. I've connected a USB hub to the
> USB port 2. This works fine but not with a HID class device. This device
> cannot be configured by the host (I guess). No problem on a PC.
> Other people have already seen such errors but there are no solution
> recorded in this mailing list.
> I use kernel 2.4.19 and usb-host.c 1.19.
> USB is enabled, using port 2. I've set long timeout for slow devices
> (?).
> Does anybody know what's happening ?

So, you plug a hub into port 2, and then a HID device into the hub? 
What happens if you plug the HID device directly into port 2 on the 
board?  Maybe some configuration of the hub itself is necessary?  (The 
error message BTW is due to the fact that the device doesn't answer the 
device numbering request.)  I've plugged a HID device before 
successfully (a keyboard, a low-speed device if memory serves me correctly).

Assuming that your PC has a USB 2.0 controller, that could also be the 
reason for the different behaviour between your PC and the devboard 
(since the hub claims to be 2.0).  I don't have any experience with 
2.0/high speed devices connected to the devboard, but maybe someone else 
on the list has.

Orjan Friberg
Axis Communications