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RE: Design hint wanted...

One further remark:

I would suggest that you do a dummy driver that generates "random" data
to check that your userspace program really can process 8 MB/s. 


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currently looking into using the ETRAX for some fast data acquisition 
but am not sure which/what interface to use. The hardware will generate 
8bit data (from 4 flash A/D converters) at 8Mhz continously but not all 
that information needs to be stored; I only want to keep 4*128 byte 
arrays with the "lowest" value that has been read from that specific A/D

converter since the last time the arrays was cleared.

Some fake code to illustrate what I want to achieve is available in the 
attached file. Note that this does not take care of any syncronization 
with the hardware which of course also is needed...

Thanks in advance!