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Re: Toolchain building problems

Dne sreda 04 februar 2004 22:35 je Hans-Peter Nilsson napisal(a):
> Besides, you shouldn't need to modify the toolchain.  Many Axis
> products use uclibc and there's no hacking the toolchain there;
> they use a script confusingly called gcc_cris that emits the
> right -L, -nostdlib, --dynamic-linker and -l options and builds
> uclibc in the product tree (as libs/uclibc or similar).
> Granted, TRT would seem to have a separate toolchain for uclibc,
> but then you'd have to build uclibc separately, keeping it
> stable and stuff.  Oh, look! It's actually there in devboard_82,
> in tools/build/scripts/gcc_cris!

Thanks! I will look in to it. (i did once but it didn't work as advertised). 

I found a way to compile the tool chain. How? Well first I compiled uClibc 
with cris-dist-1.55. Then builded the binutils, aout and elf gccs as described 
previously. And then configurated linux-gnu gcc as:

gcc_cv_as="/usr/local/uClibc-cris/cris-axis-linux-gnu/bin/as --em=criself --no-underscore" \
gcc_cv_ld="/usr/local/uClibc-cris/cris-axis-linux-gnu/bin/ld -mcrislinux"  \
/stuff1/4Pot/tmp/tmp/cris-dist-1.55/gnu-toplev/configure \
--enable-version-specific-runtime-libs  \
--disable-nls  \
--target=cris-axis-linux-gnu \
--enable-languages=c  \
--without-newlib  \
--enable-shared  \
--enable-threads=posix \
--with-headers=/usr/cris-linux-uclibc/usr/include/ \
--with-libs=/usr/cris-linux-uclibc/usr/lib/ \

And it worked (I just compiled a test program and it was correctly (staticly) linked 
with uClibc and in it ran on the board)

		Regards Simon

P.S. The configuration parameter --with-sysroot dose not seams to work (had to use 
--with-headers and --with-libs)