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[Fwd: Re: LX - 82 - IDE - Compiler version - kernel version and Ebtables- RE: [Fwd: Re: [conspire] MAC address filtering with 2.4.14 ????] -- DevBoard LX]


Background of the problem.
I want to use 2.4.22 or 2.4.23 Kernel with the Developer Board LX.

Suggestions are that I should use the Devboard 82 Latest 1.91 software version with Cris 1.55 compiler, if I want the 2.4.22 to work on the devboard lx.

I did that. Also was mentioned that I should change the ptablespec, the Makefile and the Kernel Config. Changes should be made exactly as the develope LX board. I did that in the ptablespec. In the Makefile where ever I found jffs2 I commented it and copied the substitue lines from the developer board LX Makefile. And I changed the 2.4.22 kernel config too I did make changes as was for the 2.4.14 kernel in the developer LX software.

When I executed the make everything command. The comiler gave two errors that the image size was too big for the flash size .

So I opened the Makefile for the developer board 82 and commented the following

#    apps/web/boa \
#    packages/initscripts/boa \
#    apps/editors/editcgi \
#    packages/web/apps/editors/editcgi \
#    packages/web/local_dir \
#    apps/sftpclient \
#    apps/smtpclient \
#    apps/editors/easyedit \
#    apps/ppp-2.4 \
#    packages/web/directories \
#    packages/param/boa/development \
#    packages/param/syslog/development \
#    apps/tools/gdbserver \
#    packages/web/pics/axislogo \
#    apps/iptables \
#    apps/hwtest/serial \
#    apps/hwtest/rtc \


then did the make everything. The following is the output of the make everything.

Though this time it did not give me any errors.

padflashimage 0x050000 flash2.img
**** Adding 295076 $ff-bytes as alignment to get 327680 (0x050000)
*** Creating flash1.img
touch flash1.img
mkptable -d -f ptable_dummy.img ptablespec
cat ptable_dummy.img \
    /home/cug1pal/axis/devboard_82/os/linux/arch/cris/boot/compressed/vmlinuz \
    cramfs.img > flash1.img
padflashimage 0x1a0000 flash1.img
**** Adding 588501 $ff-bytes as alignment to get 1703936 (0x1a0000)
mkptable -v -f ptable.img ptablespec
Creating partition table ...
Ignoring rescue (only size is used)
Check flash1 0x1a0000 ro          kernel    flash1.img
partition starts at 0
partition size is 1703936
partition checksum is        295301100
Check flash2 0x050000 rw          jffs      flash2.img
partition starts at 1703936
partition size is 327680
partition checksum is         77579986
partition table csum size is 68, sum is 2299
Updated branch-skip offset to 88
rm ptable_dummy.img
cat ptable.img /home/cug1pal/axis/devboard_82/os/linux/arch/cris/boot/compressed/vmlinuz \
    cramfs.img > flash1.img
padflashimage 0x1a0000 flash1.img
**** Adding 588501 $ff-bytes as alignment to get 1703936 (0x1a0000)
*** Creating rescue.img
cat /home/cug1pal/axis/devboard_82/os/linux/arch/cris/boot/rescue/rescue.bin \
> rescue.img
padflashimage 0x010000 rescue.img
**** Adding 65104 $ff-bytes as alignment to get 65536 (0x010000)
*** Creating fimage
cat rescue.img flash1.img flash2.img > fimage
*** Adding hardware ID 401 to fimage
*** Adding checksum 389517714 to fimage
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/cug1pal/axis/devboard_82'

Now I cant flash the target board. I tried
boot_linux -f and
boot_linux -F

nothing works and it is giveng me errors. See the following and the errors for each of the commands.

As a user I tried to flash

(standard_in) 2: parse error
boot_linux: Invalid size to flash

As a user Now I tried

[cug1pal@gopal-linux devboard_82]$ boot_linux -f
Error socket: Operation not permitted
Make sure this program is executed with root privileges.

So I logged as root

[cug1pal@gopal-linux devboard_82]$ su

Tried as root

[root@gopal-linux devboard_82]# boot_linux -f
Malformed UTF-8 character (unexpected end of string) at /home/cug1pal/axis/devboard_82/tools/build/bin/boot_linux line 318, <FILE> line 38.
Argument "90c668c8" isn't numeric in int at /home/cug1pal/axis/devboard_82/tools/build/bin/boot_linux line 325, <FILE> line 38.
Can't exec "etrax100boot": Argument list too long at /home/cug1pal/axis/devboard_82/tools/build/bin/boot_linux line 241.

Tried as root

(standard_in) 2: parse error
boot_linux: Invalid size to flash

[root@gopal-linux devboard_82]#

I think the boot_linux has a problem. I did export LANG=C and LANG_ALL=C even then it did not work.

I am working on Redhat Version 9.0 and

[cug1pal@gopal-linux cug1pal]$ uname -a
Linux gopal-linux 2.4.20-6smp #1 SMP Thu Feb 27 09:59:40 EST 2003 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux
[cug1pal@gopal-linux cug1pal]$

I think there are multiple problems so please itemise the answers and suggest me the appropriate changes.


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Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 13:06:00 -0800
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Thanks for the response.

However I still have some questions.
a. What changes need to be made to the ptablespec
b. What changes need to be made to the kernel configuration for the 2.4.22
c. Which version of the devboard 82 will work  ----- 1.90, 1.91 or the latest (http://developer.axis.com/download/devboard_82/)

The devboard 82 software 1.90 version uses cris 1.24 so you must be using 1.91 or the latest version of the devboard.

Can you let me know


Achim Lehmkuhl wrote:
Am Dienstag, 20. Januar 2004 20:17 schrieb Gopal Chandavarapu:

My objective is to use Ebtables (http://ebtables.sf.net)-- which is only
compatible with Kernel version 2.4.22 / 2.4.23.  And I have Developer
board ETRAX 100 LX.

So Mikael.

I have a Developer board LX   ------ can use the Developer boad 82
software or Developer board IDE software.

If the above statement is true can you kindly let me know which

Hi Gopal,

I have a devboard LX running with the devboard 82 software. I'm using 
cris-dist 1.55 and kernel 2.4.22.

Change the ptablespec file and the configuration of the kernel. Look at the 
configuration of your old devboard software to do this.