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Re: Building shared library with libtool (fwd)

> Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2004 18:07:43 +0100 (CET)
> From: Aymeric MOIZARD <jack@xxxxxxx.org>

> Here is the result of:
> ./configure --host=cris-axis-linux-gnu
> ...
> checking for cris-axis-linux-gnu-g77... no
> checking for cris-axis-linux-gnu-f77... no
> checking for cris-axis-linux-gnu-xlf... no
> checking for cris-axis-linux-gnu-frt... no
> ...
> ...

Well those tools you list aren't there, for any cris-* prefix.
You forgot to include the output for the important one, checking
cris-axis-linux-gnu-gcc.  And if configure didn't find
cris-axis-linux-gnu-gcc, *did you really set PATH to include
/usr/local/cris/bin*?  I assume you use cris-dist-1.50 or newer,
or you have to play with symlinks or environment variables.

> I've made links as I said for all cris utilities like this:
> cris-gcc -> cris-linux-gcc
> And it just worked! :-)

And that's just the wrong way to do it, so to whoever else is
listening, don't do that, folks.  Again, for the last time,
(promise!) just do both of these:

1. Set PATH to include /usr/local/cris/bin (you may keep /usr/local/cris).
2. When running configure, pass it "--host=cris-axis-linux-gnu".

brgds, H-P