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RE: Daylight Savings

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> Sent: vrijdag 20 februari 2004 8:42
> This requires that the time zone database is 
> installed, usually found in /usr/share/zoneinfo, 
> /usr/local/etc/zoneinfo or /usr/lib/zoneinfo and 
> to be able to read the time zone database must the 
> tzfile.h functionality be included. Time zone 
> information is found in glibc/timezone and time 
> zone database can be generated with the time zone 
> compiler, zic.

Can we assume that the timezone database is platform
independent (as long as the endianness is the same)?
Then we can just copy timezone description files
from the development machine.

> Last time I glanced at the hwlock implementation 
> in busybox it lacked vital functionality. Perhaps 
> it includes more functionality at the moment and 
> can be used to keep accurate  time and date.

The latest busybox includes --utc and --localtime
options for hwclock, so I guess it might work.