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Re: Building shared library with libtool (fwd)

> Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2004 11:41:07 +0100 (CET)
> From: Aymeric MOIZARD <jack@xxxxxxx.org>

> If I understand correctly your mail, I should have the
> following binary installed:
> cris-axis-linux-gnu-gcc
> cris-axis-linux-gnu-ld

Yes, those two binaries and others, at /usr/local/cris/bin.

> I'm not using "cris-dist-1.50" but the version for the previous board.
> (probably somtething like cris-dist-1.25?)

Ah, then there's the problem.  As I wrote:

> > I assume you use cris-dist-1.50 or newer,
> > or you have to play with symlinks or environment variables.

On second thought, for cris-dist-1.25 I think you need to write
a script named cris-axis-linux-gnu that adds "-mlinux" (and
similarly "-mcrislinux" for ld) to the gcc-cris call.  I *don't*
think everything works by setting environment variables before
configure (e.g. 'CC=gcc-cris -mlinux') because some libtool
versions have a mind of their own, stripping options from CC and
using the first word.

If you don't use devboard_lx, I *really really* recommend
installing cris-dist-1.55 or newer and instead just:

> > 1. Set PATH to include /usr/local/cris/bin (you may keep /usr/local/cris).

As a person not responsible for the devboard releases, I *guess*
folks with devboard_lx could, pending a new devboard_lx release,
use devboard_82, prune the applications to fit the smaller flash
size and adapt the kernel configuration from their devboard_lx
.config.  I haven't tried that myself though.

brgds, H-P