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./configure --host=cris-axis-linux-gnu once more...

I tried to do this myself, leaving CC=cris-axis-linux-gnu-gcc out.
/usr/local/cris/bin is in my path.

Most cris tools are found:

checking for BSD-compatible nm... 
/usr/local/cris/bin/cris-axis-linux-gnu-nm -B
checking for cris-axis-linux-gnu-ranlib... cris-axis-linux-gnu-ranlib
checking for cris-axis-linux-gnu-strip... cris-axis-linux-gnu-strip


checking for cris-axis-linux-gnu-gcc... gcc
checking for cris-axis-linux-gnu-g++... g++

So I had to keep using CC=cris-axis-linux-gnu-gcc and 
CXX=cris-axis-linux-gnu-g++ as arguments for configure

Then it works:
checking for cris-axis-linux-gnu-gcc... cris-axis-linux-gnu-gcc
checking for cris-axis-linux-gnu-g++... cris-axis-linux-gnu-g++

Maybe something is wrong with my configure script? (created by Autoconf 2.57)

I also use INSTALL=install_elinux -p as a configure argument.
Is this necessary, or could I just as well let configure find /bin/install?
The advantage of letting configure find its own installer is that installation 
directories are automatically created if they don't exist.
/bin/install does not strip the binary, but isn't that done during 
'make images'?

Some other thing I found out (the hard way):
libtool prefers shared libraries with .la files over libraries without.
So if /usr/lib/ contains a .la file for a shared library, it will link against 
that one, instead of the cris-library in -L<dir>, because those don't have 
.la files.
Wouldn't it be a good idea to add .la files for the cris libraries in 
/target/cris-axis-linux-gnu/lib ?
make images would then have to skip those .la files, because we don't 
need/want them installed on our precious flash.

Anyway, crosscompiling automake/autoconf projects has really improved a lot 
with the newer cris distributions!