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Accessing image data on the Axis 2120 camera server

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I am working on an application for the Axis 2120 camera in which images (either raw image data, individual JPEG images, or a Motion JPEG stream) are encrypted before sent to a client application on a PC.  Thus far, I have set up the development environment, enabled telnet, and created simple client/server applications between the camera and my computer.  However, I have not been able to access images or any kind of data stream from an application on the camera; any attempt by a program to open a jpg or mjpg file on the camera produces garbage (all 1s).  Attempts to get data from devices such as /dev/cam0 (a character device) or /tmp/camdsocket (a Unix domain socket) have also been fruitless; any attempt to read from the devices blocked on the read and never returned.   
Does anyone know how to access any form of image data from a program running on this or any other Axis camera?