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RE: IP Forwarding on Devboard 82

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> Sent: den 23 februari 2004 17:44
> To: dev-etrax
> Subject: IP Forwarding on Devboard 82

> We've been trying bridging and routing, but we haven't gotten 
> any of them to 
> work.

Both IP forwarding (routing if you like) and bridging works just as on
any other Linux system.

> It's currently running kernel version 2.4.22 with 
> bridging-support added to 
> default configuration and /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward is set to 1.

This should be sufficient for IP forwarding.

> The test setup is like this:

It is hard to tell what is wrong from the information you provided.
However, one thing that may cause problems is that a packet intended to
be forwarded may cause ipsetd to change the address of the interface.
For a router setup you want to disable ipsetd on the devboard.

> In which ways does bridging and routing differ and how should 

This is a basic networking question not really suitable for this list.

> we configure 
> the devboard 82 to forward the traffic?

For IP forwarding it should be sufficient with the configuration you
describe above. For bridging you need to configure bridging using the
brctl utility or similar.

Lars Viklund
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