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Re: IP Forwarding on Devboard 82

> From: Lars Stahre <lasse@xxxxxxx.se>
> Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 17:43:49 +0100

> <workstation>
> 	|
> 	|
> eth0 -
> <devboard 82>
> eth1 -
> 	|
> 	|
> <laptop>

> how should we configure 
> the devboard 82 to forward the traffic?

Perhaps you didn't set any forwarding rules, for example with

I know for a fact that using devboard_82 for a topology like the
above works with no extra software: I use one as a firewall/NAT
box using iptables.  Homemade dog food, yum. :-) I just used the
HOWTO:s and other documentation on the subject on the web.

(No, I don't really know what happens in the default case, when
just enabling forwarding but not using iptables, and I don't
have the setup referred to above accessible here.)

brgds, H-P