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RE: IP Forwarding on Devboard 82

>We're having some problems with the devboard 82. We want to forward the
>traffic between the two interfaces eth0 and eth1 so that two different
>subnetworks can communicate.
Are the two subnets working?  try logging into the devboard (perhaps through 
the serial
interface) and then pinging a machine on each subnet.  If it's not going 
that far then it's
unlikely it'll route between the two networks.

>We've been trying bridging and routing, but we haven't gotten any of them 
>It's currently running kernel version 2.4.22 with bridging-support added to
>default configuration and /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward is set to 1.
>The test setup is like this:
>	|
>	|
>eth0 -
><devboard 82>
>eth1 -
>	|
>	|
>In which ways does bridging and routing differ and how should we configure
>the devboard 82 to forward the traffic?
As said before by someone, this should be asked elsewhere.  I'm going to 
give you a short answer
anyway.  If I'm not mistaken bridging doesn't require an IP address for the 
devboard at all as it works at the MAC level.  Routing works at the IP 
level.  Bridges are like network switches in that
they divide networks to reduce the collision domain.  What you probably want 
is routing.

As for how to make it forward, I suggest you do a google search and figure 
that one out, I don't

In your case I'd disable bridging alltogether and make sure packet 
forwarding is enabled.
IP Tables is for firewalling so turn it off or you could spend hours pulling 
your hair out not realising
that your firewall rules could be blocking just about everything.  When you 
can ping both networks
from the axis board try and get it forwarding between them.

I'm sure you'll figure it out.  Hope that helps.


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