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Re: problem_receaving_data_via_serial_port

On Tue, Feb 24, 2004 at 06:47:28PM +0100, Petter Hofverberg wrote:
> Hi all!
> yep, the topic really says it all. I have written a small test program in C
> to send a receive data through the serial port (below). It works in the
> devboard-computer direction, but not at the reversed direction, then it
> stops at the read-instruction. I have checked that I really have an output
> signal from the computer with an oscilloscope, so it must be the devboard
> thats failing. Im really greatful if anyone can help me with this!

Make sure no other application (e.g. agetty) is reading from 
/dev/ttyS0. Also check if /dev/console is a symlink to /dev/ttyS0. In 
that case it's probably used as the kernel debugport (can be changed 
or turned off in kernelconfig) and that also makes it stdin, stdout 
and stderr of init and it's children.