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External interrupt order problem


we've got a problem with external generated interrupts. We are using
interrupts vectors 32 - 48 to generate interrupts from an external device.
The problem is that the order of the interrupts will be changed when there
are some interrupts generated in a short time (< 1 ms). It seems that the
hardware/kernel "stacks" the interrupt requests, the order is than LIFO
not FIFO....there seems to be no priorities too, if the interrupt handler
takes too long or the interrupts generated in a short timespan interrupts
will be stacked.

Is there anything that we could do to change this behaviour or is this a
hardware limitation. I couldn't find any reference in the documentation or
the kernel sources (2.4.22, MCM BTW). We need a guaranteed order of the
interrupts, first come, first serve or some kind of priorities (some kind
of "lower vectors served first"...)

Thank you in advance,

	Arne Bockholdt

Dipl. Inform. Arne Bockholdt
REA Elektronik GmbH
Teichwiesenstr. 1
64367 Mühltal-Waschenbach