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Re: dev board keeps reseting to factory defaults!

On Thu, Feb 26, 2004 at 08:14:40AM -0700, Richard Teltz wrote:
> I just received the devboard lx and am trying to setup the IP address.
> I go through the procedures as documented and each time I reboot the
> board, it resets the /etc dir contents to the factory defaults.
> How do I stop this from happening?
> I traced this from the linuxrc script through to the /sbin/readbits
> command and it appears that some hard inputs are causing this to happen.
> Any help is appreciated.

Log in and run "readbits -pa -b1". If the output always is "0" there 
must be a hardware problem. It should be "0" only when the 
factorydefault button is pressed and "1" when it isn't pressed.