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New compiler tools release: cris-dist-1.56

There's a new release of the compiler tools.  It has been tested
together with the recent devboard_82-R1_91 release and should
trivially work with the devboard_lx_ide-R1_00 release.

DO *NOT* use this release for devboard_lx-R2_1_0 or older,
devboard_bt-R1_0_0 or older, or devboard releases: compilation
will fail, in some cases in non-obvious ways, creating huge
temporary files (6GB) which are left behind.

This release contains a critical workaround for a hardware bug.
Without the workaround there may be intermittent crashes and
other failures.  From the NEWS file in the cris-dist-1.56.tar.gz
file (or /usr/doc/cris-dist-1.56/NEWS for the RPM package):

- There's a workaround in GCC for a hardware bug related to
  multiplication instructions, item 5 in the errata list at
  If you're absolutely certain that the TLB registers are not
  mapped while your code is running, you may disable the
  workaround using the GCC option -mno-mul-bug-workaround.
  Normal application (user-space) programs do not need the
  workaround.  The workaround costs approximately less than 0.5%
  performance and about 0.5% larger code, due to restrictions
  on the placement of multiply instructions.  The glibc library
  and the libstdc++ library for cris-axis-linux-gnu are compiled
  with -mno-mul-bug-workaround.  Code from those libraries must
  consequently not be linked with the Linux kernel.

- A GCC bug causing incorrect code has been fixed, related to
  (but not necessarily trigged by source using) postincrement.
  See <URL:http://gcc.gnu.org/PR14209> for details.  For
  example, the function inet_network in glibc/inet/inet_net.c
  was miscompiled.

- Code for C++ virtual functions was miscompiled, when compiling
  a shared library using inherited virtual functions.  See
  <URL:http://gcc.gnu.org/PR14346> for details.

- Single-precision (the C type "float") floating-point
  multiplication on numbers very near zero were rounded to less
  than 0.5ulp precision.  See <URL:http://gcc.gnu.org/PR14354>
  for details.

The compiler tools are available in five formats: as a source
SRPM, as a binary RPM, as a binary .deb package, Debian source
description and as "pure" sources; gzipped tar-balls.  The
binary RPM is suitable for i386-type host machines
(i[3456]86-pc-linux-gnu) running Red Hat Linux release 6.2 and up.)
The Debian binary package is similarly suitable for PC:s running
release "Woody" or newer.

The SRPM and RPM are available at:

The Debian binary package is at:

The Debian source package files (which require the source
tarballs below to be retrieved separately) is at:

The corresponding source tar-balls are in three parts at:

If you need to install from the tar-ball sources (though the
binary or source packages are strongly recommended), first
unpack the cris-dist-1.56.tar.gz tar-ball in an empty directory,
then "cd cris-dist-1.56" and unpack the latter two tar-balls in
that directory.  Further installation instructions are available
in the file README in the cris-dist-1.56.tar.gz tar-ball.

There are also files ending in *.md5, to use for minimal
integrity-check of the above files, with contents repeated
below.  Older releases are moved to the subdirectory "old" with
every new release ("old/debian-dsc" for old Debian build
description files, when the new ones are available).

58a04ece3edf8319f30c0adbf0d8a1b0 *cris-dist-1.56-1.i386.rpm
eadd55a2f8f0a4521ce5141d7671c222 *cris-dist-1.56-1.src.rpm
e62e3d588904cc42c6c517742c377b20 *cris-dist_1.56-1_i386.deb
c16a38d322a877b7147001f96eaa6a75 *cris-dist_1.56-1.dsc
88dfde48aa1fba0693cab775fdac2c83 *cris-dist_1.56-1.tar.gz
da2f1b1bac7d773cdd1dd142da689eb5 *cris-dist-1.56.tar.gz
b0929ed57ec56dc1498090bf2061aa09 *cris-dist-linux-headers-1.56.tar.gz
5791c57d6e74243ff5020055a3e4cc4c *cris-dist-glibc-1.56.tar.gz

brgds, H-P