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Re: Unable to execute a shell script by setting a PATH variable

On Wednesday 03 March 2004 13:42, Ajay Kolambekar wrote:
> I am trying  to execute a shell script independent of the current
> working directory ( I don't want to use /usr/bin /usr/sbin) so I am
> setting a PATH variable to the directory where the shell script is
> stored.
> 	The PATH variable is getting set properly and when I try to call it
> from the shell it gives error "/bin/sh can not open sample" sample is
> name of shell script.
> 	It works fine with other executables, only gives problem with shell
> scripts.
> 	Is the problem is because the shell that is ash does not provide this
> kind of support ?

My ash (busybox 0.60.5 builtin) has no problem with this.
I assume you did "export PATH=$PATH:./"?