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system time command with millisecond for Etrax 100LX-linux 2.0.38

Hello experts,
I am using a 2130PTZ network cam with a Etrax 100LX CPU and Linux 
version 2.0.38.
I need to rename each jpg file with its time of acquisition.
Is there a way to get the system time down to the millisecond?
I am looking for a system command returning the system time with a 1-ms 
e.g. hhmmss_xyz where xyz is the  number of milliseconds.
Because I do not plan to develop more code for this camera, I am 
reluctant installing
the cross-compiler.
Does anyone have such a function already compiled and willing to share it ?
Thanks in advance!

Philippe Bruyant, PhD
Nuclear Medicine - University of Massachusetts
55 Lake Avenue North - Worcester MA, 01655 - USA
Phone 508-856-4313 Fax 508-856-4572