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Re: system time command with millisecond for Etrax 100LX-linux 2.0.38

Hi Emiliano,
I am working in the medical imaging field. on the following project:
The idea is to track patient motion during the acquisition of medical images
of body's inside using systems like X-ray imaging.
Because the scan lasts about 15min,  the patient may move and the result 
can be blurred images.
So the idea is to track patient motion using optical cameras, so that 
one can theoretically correct the blurred images.

Emiliano Muņoz Vicente wrote:

> Hi Philippe,
> Iīm curious now: what are you using the 2130 for?
> All the best
> Emiliano Munoz
> Note: sorry I canīt help you, I havenīt the cross-compiler.
> Philippe BRUYANT wrote:
>> Hello experts,
>> I am using a 2130PTZ network cam with a Etrax 100LX CPU and Linux 
>> version 2.0.38.
>> I need to rename each jpg file with its time of acquisition.
>> Is there a way to get the system time down to the millisecond?
>> Alternatively,
>> I am looking for a system command returning the system time with a 
>> 1-ms accuracy,
>> e.g. hhmmss_xyz where xyz is the  number of milliseconds.
>> Because I do not plan to develop more code for this camera, I am 
>> reluctant installing
>> the cross-compiler.
>> Does anyone have such a function already compiled and willing to 
>> share it ?
>> Thanks in advance!
>> PhilB