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Re: system time command with millisecond for Etrax 100LX-linux 2.0.38

Hi Matt
No, unfortunately it didn't work for me.
Many thanks anyway!

geer@xxxxxxx.com wrote:

>Alternatively, would it be possible for someone to compile the few lines
>below for an Etrax 100 LX and linux 2.0.38 and sent the binary back to me?
>Thank you,
>not sure if this helps, but I built for my board (newer version) - if it works, great!
>if not, sorry it didn't work out - maybe someone else will compile the older version
>here is the version info from my axis board:
>[/var/bin] # ./a.out 
>[/var/bin] # cat /proc/version 
>binux version 2.4.19 (swarner@xxxxxxx.96 20000427 (experimental)) #5 Thu Oct 30 11:52:08 MST 2003
>Matt Geer

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