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Bluez USB device


I'm trying to get a USB bluetooth dongle running on a MCM 2+8 device.
Currently I'm using the devboard 82 with:
- R1.91 software
- kernel 2.4.22
- bluez-libs 2.5
- bluez-utils 2.4
- CSR Bluecore 2 external in HCI mode, driven by the Bluez hci_usb driver

Commands like "hciconfig up" and "hcitool inq" succeed, but "hcitool scan" or 
any rfcomm commands lock up the whole machine. I enabled the Bluez debug 
messages in the kernel but I still can't find the cause for the lockup.
The crash occurrs with and without the patch "patch-2.4.22-mh3.gz" from 

Thank you very much in advance for your help,
Alexander Eder