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Re: Software reboot problem

>> I'm trying to reboot our custom MCM design with help of the busybox
>> command, which is calling the kernel function hard_reset_now()
>> to let the watchdoc reset the CPU. Unfortunetly it doesn't work, I get
>> "hard reset" printk and nothing happens after that (assuming it stays in
>> the while(1); loop).
>> The watchdog is enabled in the kernel config and works well when a
>> IRQ" happens, we're using dist 1.55 with kernel 2.4.22.
>> What could be the reason for this failure ?
>Did you get an answer / find the reason in the meantime?
>We're having the same problem here with our custom design with an Etrax

It's on my TODO list, I've found out that it seems to be a problem caused
by the configuration of the FPGA we've attached to the CPU via CSP1, it
seems the CPU isn't able to reboot after the FPGA is configured, resetting
the FPGA configuration (bus interface is in tri-state then, same as
boot-time) at run-time doesn't help. We need to investigate this.

Another related problem is that reboot doesn't call "init 6", the scripts
for runlevel 6 weren't called, so I stick with calling "init 6" .

Dipl. Inform. Arne Bockholdt
REA Elektronik GmbH
Teichwiesenstr. 1
64367 Mühltal-Waschenbach