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Re: Software reboot problem

>What happens at reboot? Nothing at all or does the LED starts to
>flash fast? 

Which LED ? We're using our own design...
>Do you use DMA to the FGPAs?

Yes, we're using External DMA channel 4 (output direction from CPU to FPGA)
>Is the ETRAX WAIT pin connected to the FPGA?

Yes, but I'm not sure if it is exposed.
>Is the ETRAX BS pins connected to the FPGA?

>Is the ETRAX IRQ pin connected to the FPGA?

Yes, the FPGA generates a lot of interrupts using external vector mode.
>Is any PA pins connected between ETRAX and the FPGA?

Yes, we're using PA pins to configure the FPGA via JTAG interface.
>One problem may be that the FPGA is not reset when ETRAX is
>reset and the FPGA outputs are not tristated.

That was my first thought but I resetted the FPGA and then it should
switch all pins to tri-state, there are definetly no interrupts or any
other changes at the ports after the reset.
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>On Monday 08 March 2004 13:34, Arne Bockholdt wrote:
>> > > I'm trying to reboot our custom MCM design with help of the 
>> > > busybox reboot command, which is calling the kernel function 
>> > > hard_reset_now() indirectly
>> > > to let the watchdoc reset the CPU. Unfortunetly it doesn't work, I
>> > > the "hard reset" printk and nothing happens after that
>> > Did you get an answer / find the reason in the meantime?
>> > We're having the same problem here with our custom design with an
>> > 100LX
>> It's on my TODO list, I've found out that it seems to be a problem
>> by the configuration of the FPGA we've attached to the CPU via CSP1, it
>> seems the CPU isn't able to reboot after the FPGA is configured,
>> the FPGA configuration (bus interface is in tri-state then, same as
>> boot-time) at run-time doesn't help. We need to investigate this.
>Our problem might have the same cause, since we also attached an FPGA via 
>I've done a quick test, but even when we don't configure the FPGA at all,
>hard reset does not work.
>> Another related problem is that reboot doesn't call "init 6", the
>> for runlevel 6 weren't called, so I stick with calling "init 6" .
>I think busybox' reset is designed to work with busybox' built-in init.
>But if I understand you right, even "init 6" does not actually succeed in 
>performing the hard reset at the end?
>For us, this is the case. All daemons are stopped, at the end
>is called, but does not actually reset the Etrax.

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