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Re: Software reboot problem

On Monday 08 March 2004 16:35, Mikael Starvik wrote:
> What happens at reboot? Nothing at all or does the LED starts to
> flash fast?
We don't have status LEDs on our (custom) board.

> Do you use DMA to the FGPAs?
No, we use normal bus writes, and reads triggered by an interrupt.

> Is the ETRAX WAIT pin connected to the FPGA?

> Is the ETRAX BS pins connected to the FPGA?

> Is the ETRAX IRQ pin connected to the FPGA?
IRQ stays high when the FPGA is not configured.

> Is any PA pins connected between ETRAX and the FPGA?
Yes, we use two PA pins to program the FPGA

> One problem may be that the FPGA is not reset when ETRAX is
> reset and the FPGA outputs are not tristated.

For us, even when we don't initialise the FPGA (all outputs stay tristated all 
the time since poweron), our reboot fails.
The irq stays high, and the Etrax is able to boot correctly the first time 
after powerup, it never sees any interrupts.

I must say that we do have DRQ0 and DACK0 connected (both currently unused).
Maybe these can prevent the Etrax from rebooting correctly?