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Re: Software reboot problem


We have also a design with a MCM and a FPGA connected through the bus.
The boot at power on and after a hard reset through the MRESET input is
correct most of the time. But sometimes we can't reboot the MCM through
the MRESET. In this case it seems that the only way to reboot is a power 

I noticed another strange behavior. Just after a MCM flash (by flashit). 
The reboot
just after the flash seems correct but the interface between the FPGA 
and the ETRAX doesn't
work correctly. I'am just starting the investigation, but it seems that 
the bus is not configured
correctly (i.e the R_BUS_CONFIG and the R_WAIT_STATES have not the 
correct values).
It is correct again after a reset and all reboot (excepted somes cases 
explained above) !

Best regards,


Institut de Physique Nucléaire de Lyon
4, rue Enrico Fermi
69622 Villeurbanne cedex