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devboard-82 software installation problems

I am having some problems trying to install the devboard 82 software. I 
have downloaded the latest release (devboard_82-R1_91.tar.gz), along 
with the latest cris distribution (cris-dist-1.56-1.i386.rpm) and the 
latest linux kernel (linux-2.4.22.tar.gz).
I have unpacked these files as per the instructions in the "How to 
Install the Developer Board 82 Software" document, but get the following 
error when i run the ./install script.

*** Your gcc-cris is too old! Upgrade to at least cris-dist-1.54
*** You can download it from

I use the "rpm -qi" command to verify that version 1.56 is installed 
correctly, yet the error suggests that it isn't. what is causing this 
error? Note that i also get this error with version 1.55 of the cris 
I have also found that after upgrading the cris distribution (from our 
current version of 1.22), i can compile applications that are written in 
C++, but not those written in C. I get the following error:

gcc-cris -mlinux -isystem 
/sp3/axis/e100lx_mcm/target/cris-axis-linux-gnu/include -Wall -O2   -c 
-o es3kprog.o es3kprog.c
<command line>: warning: "system" re-asserted
cpp: -lang-c: linker input file unused since linking not done
gcc-cris: installation problem, cannot exec `cc1': No such file or directory
make: *** [es3kprog.o] Error 1

I have checked that the "LANG" environment variable = C.

As an aside, what is the status of the flash upgrade via FTP? I have 
read in the past that this functionality is unreliable, but is this 
still the case with the latest release of software?

thanks in advance.