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Re: System time problem

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From: "Zavaleev Igor" <Zavaleev@xxxxxxx.ru>
To: <dev-etrax@xxxxxxx.com>
Sent: den 21 april 2004 16:33
Subject: System time problem

> Hello again!
> Thanks to Pieter Grimmerink for answering my previous question.
> I have another one. It is very simple too, I think.
> Why system clock at LX Developer Board (Linux version 2.4.19) resets to
> default value (1 Jan 2000) after every reboot (either soft or hard). I've
> tried two different boards with the dame effect.
> Igor.

Try enable the RTC trickle charger in the kernel config or use hwtestrtc 
to enable it after boot.
That will charge the capacitor that powers the RTC when power is off.