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Question regarding ReiserFS support

Hi All,

Currently I am attempting to compile the reiserfsprogs package
(particularly reiserfsck and mkreiserfs) in order to be able to run
those tools on an etrax 100LX IDE.

I've got the correct kernel options compiled in, and the device is
currently running with a drive I've formatting in ReiserFS on another

Here are my steps regarding the compile of the ReiserFSProgs in order to
obtain the binaries for mkreiserfs and reiserfsck, please let me know
where I'm going wrong here:

- extracted the reiserfsprogs to ~/devobard_lx_ide/apps
- ran source init_env
- export LANG=C and LC_ALL=C
- ran a ./configure in the reiserfsprogs directly
- ran a make.

The binaries compile successfully, but do not run on the developer

If anyone could provide some assistance in compiling these tools, it
would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,