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USB problem


we have just build a PCB with an Etrax100LX MCM on it and it 
works fine, so far. Meaning, the System boots alright.
But every time I try to connect any USB device I get the following
message in an infinite loop:

usb-host.c: USB controller running.
hub.c: new USB device ETRAX 100LX-1, assigned address 16
usb-host.c: Got epid attn for control endpoint, epid 0
usb-host.c: 3rd error for epid 0
usb-host.c: Completing ctrl urb with status -71.
usb.c: USB device not accepting new address=16 (error=-71) 
ease, there has to be an answer I'm unable to find!!!

Has anybody an Idea what that could be. First I thought of a Hardware
Problem, but I can't find any bug.

Thx in advance


Stefan Briese
University of Applied Sciences Gelsenkirchen
Department of Telekommunications