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Re: where can you retain original kernel image installed

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From: "Kiran Rama" <RamaK@xxxxxxx.za>
To: <johana@xxxxxxx.com>
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Sent: Tuesday, May 11, 2004 3:55 PM
Subject: Re: where can you retain original kernel image installed

> hi,
> Yes, I do have all the product images as well the ktest and flashit
> scripts. The board is
> put into network boot mode (it prints in shell prompt) it's in network
> boot.

What is printed where?
There is nothing that tells you if the devboard is in networkboot mode
unless the ktest ( boot_linux -i kimage ) or flashit (boot_linux -f fimage)
succeds and you get the debugoutput from them and the LED is lit on the

> I have also executed init_env and ktest script.
> Why isn't the new image uncompress in RAM so that you can view and test
> the new kernel?
> I think that suppose to happen?
> But nothing happens at all.

My guess is that the board is not in network boot mode or that the
network connection between the PC and the devboard is not ok.

Please explain what you do in detail:
* how it is connected,
* what buttons are pressed,
* what commands you type and what output you get.

What should work is:
* Connect the devboard an the Linux PC to the same hub.
* Hold the network boot button on the devboard while pressing and releasing
  reset button.
* Type ./ktest or boot_linux -i kimage on the Linux PC.
  The LED on the devboard should light and depending on the version of
  you use debug outputs will come on the shell terminal from ktest or
  from the serial terminal connected to devboard.