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RE: Sync Serial 1

>There is indeed a kernel panic at the bottom of the capture file
>"Kernel panic: Can't allocate sync serial port 3 IRQ", this is due to
>the cause of
>me using the ETRAX_FAST_TIMER feature of the etraxboard. The kernel is
>at this moment compiling with the fast timer disabled and sync serial
>dma enabled.

This means that IRQ 20 or 21 already has been claimed by someone. 
The fast timer doesn't use these interrupts and can be enabled
at the same time as the sync serial port. The serial driver only 
claims these interrupts if SERIAL_PORT3 is enabled which it isn't
in your kernel config.

>The SSBV_ECPMODE driver is ower internal parport driver based on
>(I think) your ecp_skeleton, which uses parport 0.

Aha! When I look in the ecp_skeleton I see that it initalizes
both port even if you just use one of them. This will claim
your interrupt. Comment out the line "initialize_port(1);" or
put a CONFIG around it.